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About inox steel

O inoxu

What should you pay attention to when choosing a contractor for inox work?

INOX is a noble alloy and demands well trained workers, as well as an appropriate production treatment.

Only specialised and well equipped workshops can do quality work handling INOX.

The same facility must not handle other materials, especially iron.

During the mechanical handling and air welding iron, particles and fumes are dispersed through the air which, when they come into contact with an INOX surface, leave permanent particles on it that later act as the initiators of corrosion.

How to maintain inox steel?

Maintenance is almost completely unnecessary. It is enough to dust off the dross, possibly applying a detergent, such as one used to clean glass.

Abrasive detergents and ones containing acids are not allowed. Polished surfaces are very sensitive and thus no agents that might leave scratches should be used.

One absolutely should not use steel wool, wire brushes or similar cleaning tools. Contact between iron and INOX leaves microscopic traces that become the focal points of corrosion.

The usage of INOX in nautics and directly near the sea may result in mild corrosion that can be removed by polishing once a year or even less.

This mild corrosion can be prevented by regular washing out with freshwater (yachtsmen are very familiar with this method).


Which surface treament to choose?

Inox products are made natural, polished, supercalendered and sandblasted.

Supercalendering and sandblasting are applied when the customer wants a matt finish. This kind of handling of inox should be avoided when it will be exposed to an aggressive environment (such as closeness of saltwater, pools etc).

How to determine if the contractor build high quality inox?

Even a trained eye cannot determine the difference in quality between inox quality AISI 304 and inox quality AISI 316. Once the difference is noticed, it is already too late.

The only way to be assured of the quality of inox steel is to entrust the work to a dependable company with a long tradition and EU suppliers.

Can a magnet be used to determine the quality of inox?

Inox steel mentioned here belong to the group of austenitic steels and are in general non-magnetic, but can become mildly magnetic under the influence of mechanical handling.

How to choose the proper quality of inox?

Stainless steel grades number in hundreds, but general application presents us with two main types:

AISI 304, AISI316 and their subvariants. Lately they have been known under the names „land INOX“ (AISI 304) and „sea INOX“ (AISI 316).

*AISI 304 (or W.1.4301 by DIN standard) is used mostly in furnishing interiors, catering and industrial equipment:

  • - interior fences and exterior fences where there is no salitine influence
  • - counters
  • - benchboards
  • - coating for walls, pillars and elevators

*AISI 316 (or W.1.4404 by DIN standard) is somewhat more enriched by nickle which gives it a greater resistance to aggressive mediums, mainly saltwater. Despite its higher price tag, it is indispensible for the following applications:

  • - nautics
  • - fences for terraces near the sea
  • - stairs
  • - pool fences


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